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It’s official. I have no life. I am so tired and my days are feeling a bit useless. This thing needs to open now. Last night was the first low price preview and from what I overheard, people thought it was very good. My gorgeous friend Amanda Tiffin was there. She has just got back from gigging in Japan! She got dates wrong and thought last night was opening night! Anyway, she really enjoyed it.

I was amazed at how nervous some of the actors were in front of a ‘normal’ audience. I felt that the show was somehow different; it had a weird rhythm last night, and when I spoke to some of the cast afterwards they said how nervous they were. I am sure the next two preview audiences will take the edge off that for them.

There was a reviewer there last night too, which added to the nerves. Rumour has it that he thought it was good. We wait to see. Apparently he will be away on opening night, which is why he came to a preview. I am sure he will see it as that, a ‘not 100% totally ready’ preview performance.

DSC00094Here’s the deal. And how exciting is this! Never before offered on a blog before! I have two complimentary tickets on offer for opening night to the first person who comments on this post. Jason, whoever and wherever you are, get commenting my man.

Here is a pic that I took with my phone, just to give an idea of the set. Quite glam hey? I am loving the fact that Big Friendly has showed me how to post pics. Ah, the good life.




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  1. The Saint

    Bushman’s is a ong way from Maynardville but the excitement is very real reading the buid up via MegansHead. Home n Saturday and can’t wait t see this one.

  2. Jason

    Aww you’re too kind.

    Usually I find the preview just as good as the actual production.
    Do they have those freaky “extra’s” drifting around the trees in the picnic garden area like they did for Macbeth?

    So, want my postal address?
    Its excellent weather for Maynardville.

  3. megan

    Opening is on Saturday night at 2015. Send me your full name and I will leave your name at box office and you will just have to pick up the tickets there. No freaky extras in the trees this time.

  4. Jason

    The Saint beat me to being the first person to post though :/ Whats fair is fair…

    If you have a spare set of ticks, awesome, i wont say no.
    How can i get my details to ya?

  5. megan

    The Saint won’t be home in time. We have already discussed it. Big Friendly is going to help me with a solution for details. Watch this space.

  6. Jason

    or send me your email address to and i’ll reply with my name.

    cool! thanks for the opportunity.

  7. The Saint

    Give the tickets to Jason – my compliments. I get enought comps over a year.

  8. Well, it’s almost there, Meg, bar for the nightly tippitap of patrons with picnic baskets, programmes, and binocs. My best wishes to all, especially you and Graham Weir — may the force be with you all! …

    Listen – what magic:

    A gentle scroll. Fair lady, by your leave;
    I come by note, to give and to receive.
    Like one of two contending in a prize,
    That thinks he hath done well in people’s eyes,
    Hearing applause and universal shout,
    Giddy in spirit, still gazing in a doubt
    Whether these pearls of praise be his or no;
    So, thrice fair lady, stand I, even so;
    As doubtful whether what I see be true,
    Until confirm’d, sign’d, ratified by you.

  9. megan

    omigod Saint! For fear I have offended. I did not realise you were vying for the tickets.

    I was right. Alles onder beheer. All good in the twinkling of a cell phone call.

  10. Tante B

    Oh, if only were Puck! I’d circle the Earth in a trice and be there on Friday night.

  11. Tante B

    Oops. “Girdle” not “circle”!.

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