It has been such an interesting week of rehearsals; that weird space where I almost know what I am doing (but not necessarily achieving it) and the technical side of things is slowly being added; sound and media. It has been an inordinately long time since I handed all aspects of production to another person and just focussed on the performance, and it is an unfamiliar (but most welcome) space.

Aside from the challenge of performing my own writing, I am constantly aware of how habituated I am to improvising and being totally present in a moment that will never be repeated. Here, I have to practice each moment, get it right, and then be able to get it similarly right every time. I hope I am getting better. I am thrilled, exhausted, panicked, emotional and excited. Every day.

And I am starting to think beyond the rehearsals to performance. Drive With Me. Quite a journey.