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Mpower at last!

product-box-cup2 So I went on a bit of a mission after getting my knickers in a menstrual cup knot and I have success at last. I have found a local company, mpower, who is exactly who I want to do business with. Firstly, I got a most speedy reply to my email from Glenda, the owner. Secondly, she has stock, which is more than I can say for the other company, and some of the sex shops who claim to have menstrual cups. Most importantly, she is not ripping us off. Her mpower cups are almost half the price of the others, the ones who have no stock! What is more, I can go off, fetch it from her and pay cash, tomorrow. No messing about with post and shipping and other nonsense. Check out the website to read about the product and team. Now it’s a case of helping to spread the word that this is where to go to get your environmentally friendly, cheap, long lasting mpower menstrual cup! Gotta love the interweb.


Don’t try this at home


got it


  1. Colourinse

    Bloody hell that was lucky!!!!
    On a serious note, please let me know how it goes/flows…..

  2. Ray

    Cool! Forgot about this one – saw it advertised in the health shop opposite pick n pay in claremont. For half the price?!?!?! And made in Cape Town?!?!? Damn. That’s a winner all the way…

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