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Last night’s Theatresports show at the Kalk Bay Theatre was fabulous. It helps that there was a full house; a company celebrating its birthday. I played in a team with E and Jess and even though we came second, (Fi, Bucket and Leon won because they did the best Australian Kangaroo Animal Soap Ever), I loved every minute of it. I especially loved the part where I got the whole audience to stomp their feet with me while my character was locked in the cellar. I love playing Theatresports. Which I have been doing for more than 15 years now.

Which brings me to my main beef of the day. Around this time every year I have a month or two of being upset. No, dikbek. No, no, completely gatvol. Do you know that in all my years of living in Cape Town and working in the theatre I have never been nominated for, invited to or even taken with to the Fleur du Cap awards? Do you know that Theatresports, Cape Town longest running show (13 years and counting) has never ever even been considered for an award? This after we have been putting bums on seats, after operating as a successful theatre development programme, after introducing first time theatre goers to accessible, fun theatre, after attending all the theatre festivals, after performing at schools and schools festivals, after running workshops, after training actors and keeping them in work, and getting great reviews over and over again (even from some FDC judges).

One or two judges have grumbled to me in the past that Theatresports wasn’t “proper theatre” Oh excuse me! Like half the crap they go and see is! We are professional, successful and entertaining. We are on stage in front of a live and mostly delighted audience. One of the other excuses is that we don’t perform in a proper designated judge friendly theatre. Well, we do. And have done for years. We are at the Kalk Bay Theatre now every Tuesday night forever, and from March we’ll be at the Intimate Theatre in Orange Street on Mondays (thanks Saint).

As I write this, I remember sending these moans to Derek Wilson from the Argus Tonight about four years ago via email. So my bitch session is not new. Come on FDC, aknowledge us!

I suppose I should be grateful. I am indirectly involved this year because Graham Weir has been nominated for “Songs of Hangings and Redemptions” which I directed. But then, he’s been nominated about 8 times and has never won! Oh, life on the fringe of fringe.

At least I’m on the FDC website. Thanks Marianne for posting my review of ‘Kissed by Brel’.

Oh, and on the subject of reviews for ‘Kissed by Brel’, Peter Tromp, the song is CAROUSEL not CAROUSAL, lest there be confusion. “We’re on a carousal, a crazy carousal”… See what I mean?


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  1. The Saint

    Just to clarify one thing ~ Theatresports is at KBT on Tuesdays and will continue to perform there when the Intimate thing happens, that being on Monday; one supplements the other and does not replace it. OK OK I have an interest – there I ‘ve declared it.
    That said [a] Theatresports for the FDC for best comedy performance ??? and [b] viva Graham Weir and [c] I thought the song was “arousal” but obviously I’m wrong – what could he have been thinking about ???

  2. megan

    Thanks Saint! See how I need you for clarity. And then, from your lips to FdC ears.

  3. Edward

    Where is the FDC website?
    I tried looking for it, but I can only find Free-state Development Corporation website. No mention of you there either, despite their vision of fostering sustainable economic growth in the region.

  4. Got an idea. Invite the judges to a specific performance of TS. Problem with some of the venues other than the usual “established” ones – is that often judges don’t get invited. I know that most try and check what’s on in the papers but others do depend on getting invited – especially if they don’t work in the print media. KBT hasn’t quite got it right yet. I know some judges won’t go if they’re not invited and don’t want to phone and explain to someone who they are and why they want a ticket.
    So maybe whoever is doing publicity should get a list of judges emails from Irma Albers
    Also by the way an easier website address is

  5. megan

    great. I’m right onto it!

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