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My life as a Queen

So, I have just come back from The Nellie where I was the Queen of Hearts for a premix muffin launch. I seem to be making a habit of this! It’s the second time I’ve donned the cozzie and been a raging lunatic for a function there. A new career path? It was lots of fun and The Giggling Gourmet made cute muffin magic.

Then, this evening I am directing a simulated police raid on a shebeen. Don’t ask! I have a boot full of police uniforms and torches!

Tomorrow I continue rehearsing my long term industrial theatre project. Back to something more "normal".

You gotta love it!


A Circus Side Show honoured


Sweeping Clean


  1. The Saint


  2. megan

    sorry to disappoint! All men!

  3. OK, nostalgic moment: all-round hysterical policewoman act in history, Holly Hunter as misfit Ed (Edwina) McDunnough in Joel Coen’s “Raising Arizona.” Did heavily pregnant Frances McDormand wear uniform as Marge Gunderson in the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece “Fargo”?

  4. megan

    Holly was fab! And yes, I think Marge did wear a uniform. I definitely remember a hat!

  5. As always — Megan’s memory is as brilliant as Megan’s Blog! Here is uniformed Marge, one here, too, and here.

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