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My two worst things to be told

I heard my two worst sentences today. These are things I absolutely hate. My second worst one was at the Woodstock Food Market at the Old Biscuit Mill. Someone said sweetly, “I’m sorry, this seat is being saved for somebody!” Now, that drives me a bit dilly. When all are scrambling for a place to sit and eat, when every bench and plastic covered bale of hay is “taken”, an empty spot is busy “being saved” for somebody who isn’t there. Grrrrrrrr.

My all time worst sentence in the world I heard while Big Friendly and I were walking the dogs early this morning. A fellow dog walker stopped to chat, remarking that it was good to be out early today because this afternoon was going to be chaos, what with the soccer. And then she said it, and my blood started boiling! “I’m not a racist but.” If there is one sentence I cannot tolerate. If there is one sentence that is the lie it claims not to be. If there is one sentence I cannot listen to the rest of. “I am not a racist but.” Cut the bullshit. Admit it. You are a racist. And stay away from me you nasty piece of work. If there is one thing worse than a racist it’s a racist pretending not to be because they know it’s bad.


Happy Birthday


Blaise Koch


  1. .. and know that all kinds of people, even whitie yids like me, attend football matches, vuvuzela and all, and know that I also live on the other side of the railway line in a ‘mostly mixed’ neighbourhood, and my dad was kicked out of the university for being ‘one of those’.. you know.. with the funny prayer hat thingy on.

    The Spanish poet Federico García Lorca (himself a victim of fascist violence, having been murdered by soldiers of the Spanish dictator Franco) said that we live in “a world shameless and cruel enough to divide people by colour when in fact colour is the sign of God’s artistic genius.”

  2. dubbinc

    Ja, exactly!!

  3. My third worst sentence (this is still Megan writing) comes from last week at this university corporate TS gig we did and goes, “Hey look what I can do.”

    p.s. my butt isn’t racist either.

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