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Newlands Cape Town

Although I had trained quite hard yesterday morning I made the impulsive decision to go on a small hike through the Newlands forest yesterday afternoon with my friend and the dogs.

For all of those who have hiked up to the contour path, I don’t need to tell you about it, you’ll know. It is quite hard going getting to the top (my legs and bum were aching) but it is really really worth the effort. Then it is proper forest with low hanging growth, dark, overgrown secret bits, rocky outcrops, tiny (even at this time of year) streams, patches of purple flowers, and the stillness stillness stillness of no traffic.

On the steep way down, out of breath and almost chilly from cooling sweat, I remarked about how miraculous it was that it was possible to go on a three hour mountain forest walk in the city. Literally in it.

And I had a lasting (a bit like the stiffness I feel this morning) sense of love for this Cape Town I call home. As we wondered back to the parking lot dozens of people were coming out of the forest. Fathers and sons on mountain bikes, couples with babies, man and dog, groups of picnickers, grandparents and hyperactive grandchildren all came off the paths.

Now my only wish is that Capetonians could drive with the ease and chillness that they relax in nature, especially when it rains, which somehow makes them totally nuts.


World Cup skande


Fabulous Little Poof


  1. Liz

    ….and that they would take bags and pick up their dog poo!!!

    I love walking in Newlands Forest – but last Sunday the festival of dog poo left behind by people who think it is beneath them to port out their little darlings’ aromatic gifts was appalling. If I can do it, so can everyone else.

  2. megan

    Liz, I totally agree. I forgot bags and was so happy and relieved to pick two up at the entrance. I can’t understand how people can go to a place more than once and not pick up poo. It drives me nuts.

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