I have to hurry this morning. I’m taking my car in (again), need to walk dogs, and do stuff quick before being dropped off at Newlands for the second day of the test.

Yesterday was such a jaul. The stadium was packed, the weather, which started really badly with rain, played with, and there was proper exciting, albeit nerve wracking cricket to watch. Kallis saved the day, and made it bearable.

DSC_0157_102 It was slightly disconcerting being there with so many barmy army; vocal supporters of England. I can’t believe how many there are! At least we had one heckling SA supporter who was tuning from just behind us.

I need to say it; a test is over five days so there will be times when it is more exciting to watch paint dry. Lucky for us there is a little lady making that possible. She is painting the stadium, while we’re in it. 

I’m back there today for more of the same only Big Friendly needs to work so I am taking my friend’s husband, who is from Guernsey! It’s going to be a very interesting day.