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Noah is coming

TEST04 I can’t believe it but it’s true. In just over two months Noah of Cape Town, the most brilliant, original, local, never before done, futuristic, a capella musical opens at The Baxter. For me and Graham Weir, the writers of this magnum opus, it is the realisation of a dream long in the manifesting. We started writing it about eight years ago, when 2012 still seemed quite far into the future. (We’ve had to keep pushing that date forward!)

In 2005 the Cantata version was staged as part of Artscape‘s New Writings Programme, and that’s what gave us the kernel of possibility that the full, sixteen member version might, in this lifetime, still happen. And ‘strues bob, thanks to the belief, commitment and backing of Simon Cooper, Noah of Cape Town is in the final stages of getting the cast absolutely finalised. Graham and I are frantically doing rewrites. Jaci de Villiers our most awesome and visionary director is coming soon. Dicky Longhurst is wikkeling with set. Amanda Tiffin is transcribing and working on the music while Graham (who has composed and written all the music) is writing and composing some more. And naturally there is all sorts of stuff happening behind the scenes to get this monster up and running.

Rehearsals start on Monday, which means everybody will need to have a script by then.

Watch this space, and all the other spaces. Noah of Cape Town is coming.


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  1. Trevor du Buisson

    Can’t wait!! The cast looks amazing. Does Graham Weir ‘write’ music?

  2. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    I suppose a musician can write music the way a piece of writing is called a composition.? Yes? But what does Old Tante B know?

  3. Donal

    You must be so excited. I’m holding thumbs (and some other parts) for you all. Looking forward to seeing it – and wishing ….

  4. megan

    Oh Donal. You are missed.

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