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not that anyone would have noticed

The Poepteas managed to lose convincingly again today. This is the 2nd in three ODIs against Pakistan that they have lost. Even though there are still 2 to go, I have seriously lost interest and faith. Actually, that happened a long time ago. Before and during the world cup. The 20/20 confirmed my suspicions and now I get surprised if the Poepteas win anything. Mickey Arthur ain’t no Jake. I read online that after their 1st ODI loss he said he was quite happy with the way the Poepteas had played. Am I going bonkers? He’s the COACH! Shouldn’t he be spitting and swearing and promising it will never happen again? I’m sure the press will be filled with the usual pathetic excuses, but I am fed up. Poep poep poep.


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  1. The Saint

    OK here comes the long one. Last Saturday afternoon at about 4 p.m. I was sitting quietly on my patio contemplating the evenings rugby. There was an almost unnatural calm and quiet broken only occasionally by a vuvusela blown from a passing car. This quiet translated into a belief that the Bokke would do it and so they did. And apart from the administrators now fucking it up by ignoring Soweto, look what it has done for South Africa.
    Now 2010 looms large on the horizon and soccer has this huge following amongst those who are not normally followers of rugby so just imagine what it would be like if Bafana Bafana won the Soccer World Cup??? Now as things stand that is unlikely but they could make us proud. Like, I believe, a lot of white South Africans I have been indifferent to SWC 2010 – I don’t really understand soccer, I don’t follow it and if anything grabs my interest, it is the [English] FA Cup final. The reaction of the largely black non-rugby followers to a largely white teams win in France does underscore the power of sport. So come on SAFA, Parreira, and Bafana Bafana, MAKE US PROUD !
    And all of that leads me to 2011 and Pakistan and India and CWC 2011. As I write this we are playing another ODI and I don’t know what is happening and we may well lose again but here are 3 thinking points ~
    [1] Graeme Smith is arrogant but then so are Ponting, Fleming and Vaughan and maybe Dravid, Malik and Jawardene are considered arrogant in their cultures – certainly Dravid is aloof. It’s part of the job. Smith was handed the captaincy at age 22, he is now 26 and his improvement as a captain and with diplomacy has been marked. No he’s not where he should be but in 4 years time he will be the best captain in world cricket. What did they say about John Smit 4 years ago and kyk hoe lyk hy nou;
    [2] There are copmparisons between Arthur & White – neither played their sport at high levels, both look at the big picture [the 2007 CWC was too soon for Arthur], both are not afraid to bring in youngsters and blood them [de Villiers and the Morkels in cricket & Steyn & Pietersen in rugby], both treat their players with respect, both have unbearable political burdens, and both quietly get on with it. Prediction we will win the 2011 CWC – we will lose games along the way but we will get there;
    [3] Just like Eddie, we need an injection of foreign thinking.

  2. megan

    Go on! The voice of reason. And so well put. Kak on me though for being a negative whinger. Love it!

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