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Official improvention Day 1

With a certain amount of nerves (we had performed with some stellar improvisers the night before) Candice, Tandi and I went off to take our first 3 hour long workshop of the festival yesterday morning. It was pretty cool, very cool actually; with a variety of level of improvisers in the group of 20. And feedback on the ground was really good.

Then we went to attend our first workshops. Candice did an improv for film one and Tandi and I were delighted by Jill Bernard and her Small Cute Improv workshop. Improv is all about energy, and that’s what Jill is. She reminded us all about why we love improve, and how the traps of cynicism and criticism are pointless when you are just making stuff up. So good for me, in particular, to remember.

And then we were witness to a treat. Fat City; Melbourne’s long running, serial Film Noir improvisation show. Honestly, I haven’t been that taken up, and jealous and excited and moved in an absolute age. These awesome performers play the same characters and constantly develop the relationships between them. I fell in love; with the idea, the format, the characters, the players, the content and even the curtains, who, it was pointed out, got tired, in a scene that went on a bit too long.

This morning we are going to the opening address, then running our second workshop, then going to an improv jam this evening. I am beside myself with the idea that we are part of this tribe of improvisers, doing only this for a whole week. And then, our new friends are ready to show us the Oz world of improv in Melbourne and Sydney. We are in improv heaven.


Improvisers are lucky


Hang over 1 at Improvention


  1. so much of the good kind of jealous that wishes i could be there experiencing it all as well but cheering on the experience you are all having to the nth degree – YAY team SA!!!

  2. megan

    So Brett, Jamie is coming tomorrow!

  3. Jaci de Villiers

    Its like you’ve gone to heaven Meg. Bring it all back. Eat it up and turn SA improv world on its head. I am hanging on your every post here -feeling all happy at the magic that is out there.

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