I came around the corner last night, on my way home from a lovely TheatreSports show at The Kalk Bay Theatre, and the traffic on De Waal drive was being redirected into one lane. Road works, I thought, but it wasn’t. Devil’s Peak was on fire. The flames were already the size of double storey buildings. I sped home through the thick smoke and as I turned off the highway I could see how close it was to University Estate. When I opened the car door outside our house my heart sank. The wind was strong. I woke up before the sun this morning and the smell of smoke was hectic. There is black soot everywhere; the courtyard has big piles of it, it is on every surface in the kitchen and floating in the dogs’ water bowl. There are helicopters overhead now, and the wind has died down, so I believe everything is under control, but there is nothing sadder for me than watching our beautiful mountain burn.