I must admit to being a bit theatred out, so we went to the movies instead. Big Friendly and I have just come back from the Labia and Pan’s Labyrinth. And we were both blown away. It’s the kind of movie that reminds you that even the hugest visions are possible if you have a good story.

The styling was superb – dark, gloomy, grainy and deeply magical. The war was gruesome and agonisingly realistically portrayed. The performances are all brilliant. The music is haunting. The special effects are not Mission Impossible but who cares? And the magical realism took me back to a childhood filled with terrible possibility. I think the best part was the complete avoidance of the neat ending, the holy wood resolution.

It’s going to stay with me for a long time.

Big Friendly is on it’s official website and we’re listening to the music as I type. Apparently, the title is actually The Labyrinth of the Faun, not Pan.