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Peanut butter and why the internet is amazing

In a case of Christmas morning bounty from nature I found a pine cone on our morning dog walk and it was full of pine nuts. I am talking the most full pine cone ever.

20141225_115050 I set about taking the nuts out and within seconds my hands were coated with very impossibly gooey pine sap. Sticky, brown, sticks to everything sap. So I asked Big Friendly to google for the best way to remove pine sap from skin and within nano seconds he had found a few options on the magical internet. I decided to try the first one, because it was one ingredient, I had some in the cupboard, and it promised to take 30 seconds.

Peanut butter.

20141225_115037Big friendly gave me a tablespoon of peanut butter (Black Cat crunchy if you must know) and I rubbed it into my hands for about 30 seconds. It felt fantastic, and smelled amazing. And then I washed it off. That is it. Peanut butter took off every last sticky blob of pine sap.


20141225_115229Which is why I love the internet, and nature, and peanut butter. Best internet solution ever.


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  1. sandi

    can you eat the nuts? how do you get the sap off them?

  2. First you need to smash them out of those hard, brown shells with a hammer. But, I think today I will google how to do that more effectively. Then you get those creamy, thin kernels you pay more than gold for, at the shops.

  3. Am loving your green kitchen counter upon which that very full pine cone is sitting. If I google that, do you think I will find out where one can purchase it? On the peanut butter note – it is brilliant for getting chewing gum out of hair without the rash use of scissors – but that is another story!

  4. We put in those kitchen counters about 2 years ago. They were very cheap because it wasn’t a very popular colour. Easy Life Kitchens will be able to tell you who the supplier was.

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