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Pips for Polly

85055.1 I am really going to miss Sean Pollock in the Poepteas team. I think he is totally doing the right thing by retiring now, just after he has peaked but before he suffers the indignity of getting slower and less hard-core accurate.

He has been fabulous to follow. I was heartbroken for him after the Hansie fiasco, especially in the role of captain. I think he has been a brilliant sportsman, a fun and funny guy, fair and true, supportive and enthusiastic, a great spokesman for the game and most importantly a superb all-rounder.

I am going to say farewell to him during the ODI series against the Windies and then I hope those following his example will learn that you can play cricket beautifully. Mr Nel, are you listening, or are you saying something nasty and pulling a face?


Good Joy




  1. The Saint

    I agree. On the subject of sledging I have always liked this one [against Polly I fear] – 5 balls in a row Pollock bowled and Ponting played and missed outside the off stump as the ball subtly and elegantly seamed away. After the 5th ball, Polock stopped and said to Ponting “its round, its red and it weighs 5.5 ounces – can’t you see it?’ Ponting then crashed the 6th ball to the boundary, walked down the pitch and said to Pollock “you know what it looks like, go fetch it”.

  2. bobby

    as i speak, australia are 5/89 in reply to india’s 330. go india, go!

  3. megan

    Hee hee. Big Friendly has switched off the iPod to watch it on DSTV!

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