A makeshift performance space where candle light is stage light
Where thinkers are feelers
and Shakespeare, deconstructed, is sung spoken
like a musical instrument.

I was lulled, full fathom five
and mesmerised
Until I found something very funny.
I think it was the weird brown rag costume…

but a voice pulled me back
And I cried for times past
When I had spoken “woe is me,
To see what I have seen, see what I see.”

Suddenly everyone looked like five
Statues of Liberty
And then they moved
And Frankie sounded against the song.

It suited my mood
This silly amazing
Where even the most guarded was

(Context for those who have no idea what I am doing. I have written a poem review in response to The Play Group’s Poetry For Dragons on at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective for the next few nights. Francesco Nassimbeni directs Joanna Evans, Lusindiso Thyulu, Julian Jansen, Kim Kerfoot and Jazz Levenberg)