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Pongrats Proteas

Well, it must be said, that was a thorough out and out drubbing! Eish! Viva Dale Steyn viva.  Two tenfors in two tests. The guy is a bowling machine let loose. Now Kapitan, how about a run or two, just for ntha?


Library, shoosh


a theatre intervention on Racism


  1. Yes, the cricket was extremely enjoyable, and so was this blog. 😆 Liked what you wrote in “What’s in it” which prompts the question: Is it the Big Friendly’s opinion that the Kapitan should get some more runs or yours?? 😉

    If nothing else, at least you’ll make me more knowledgable about theatre and smile alot in the process. Very nice blog!

  2. megan

    Thanks for the comment. I must confess to being very influenced by Big Friendly’s opinions, even though it was me that introduced him to following the game! He has just told me that Dale Steyn is now number three on the rankings for test bowlers.

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