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Post soap-a-thon

I can’t believe it is all over. I think our 12 hour soap-a-thon goes down as one of the best times of my life. And we raised over R12 000 for Rape Crisis. A huge thank you goes out to all our supporters who came, for one episode or more, to Alwin, who deserves special mention as the only audience member to sit through all 12 hours!

We improved our hearts out. Our characters were brilliant, so much ‘happened’, there was singing, sex, murder and mistaken identity. We played together as the team of teams. And we did it for 12 hours on the trot. When we were chatting yesterday it turns out that most of us didn’t ever leave the venue; we were either on stage or back stage the entire time. We went into this completely other world, and it was surreal and amazing.

Naturally, we are already thinking about how to do the next one, next year. Watch this space. And if you were there at any part of Tackle Tales, send us feedback.

I miss my character Brick (Bernadese) van Niekerk. I miss her sister Marie-Louise and her foundling baby Breeze. I miss everybody else’s amazing creations and I keep thinking about the many inspirational moments that happened throughout the day. It was awesome.


Tackle Tales on Saturday


What theatre is for


  1. Well Done! Congratulations!!
    We were able to attend two ‘shows’ and the performances were amazing, truly awesome!
    I was truly impressed at the extent of the quick thinking and reaction times, sometimes resulting in some ODD pauses that created a tension and a timing for the humour that was amazing.
    We HAVE to do this for our cause. We HAVE to have a similar event to raise our own funds. Please consider us for the next well sculpted event.
    Our most sincere congratulations.

  2. how can one be so super amped and so super bummed all in one go? let me tell you – i have nothing but admiration and joy and laughter and excitement and praise for this journey that you all did and it was amazing getting to “watch” from the sidelines via emails of announcement and workshop and venue and so on [being in americaland] and bummed for not being able to be a part of that historic occasion – am hoping there will be more moments of me being on stage with the Improvision crew some day but just not knowing when that day will be but in the meantime i will be one of the loudest cheers from the sideline you will receive so keep on – thank you Megan for sticking with the animal that is TheatreSports in Cape Town through good, bad and ugly, festivals in Namibia, trips to Australia and also the lows of empty cancelled shows, venue changes and changing of the guard and begging people to play at times – you have created some kind of Opus there and long may it love… in 5….4….3…2…1…

  3. megan

    Alistair, we must keep in touch. Let’d do it!

  4. Beilla Gans

    WOW. Tante B

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