The weirdest thing about traveling to a new place is how excited you get when you know where you are and you can navigate yourself back to where you are staying. The unfamiliar and strange becomes accessible and recognisable. For me it is also the moment when you stop thinking about yourself and start looking at the local people and imagining their lives. Their homes. Their routines. What they like and don’t like. What pets they have and when and where they walk them.

Our world has become very small. Prague is peppered with global brands like Mc Donald’s, H&M and Starbucks. The KPMG building looks like it has been lifted out of Cape Town and plonked into this city. But there are the things that define it immediately as unique. The horse and rider statues, the silhouette of an actual castle, the bridge over the river, the Old Town Square, the trams, the cobble stones.

I can’t wait to explore deeper, when I am refreshed and responsive tomorrow.