I got an interesting call today from a producer of a show on radio 2000 who asked to speak to meganshead! I was so proud. Anyway, he is doing a programme tomorrow morning on an article that explored why black professionals don’t want to live and work in Cape Town and he was looking for a Cape Town blogger with strong opinions to debate the issue, so he asked me!

meganshead is going places I tell you. I am so chuffed.

So, naturally I have an opinion on the subject matter, even though I am white and decidedly unprofessional in many ways. But I did feel obliged to read the article and it makes for depressing reading. Cape Town is considered cold, unfriendly, a career suicide kind of backwater, without a black middle class. And it’s true. I must admit that I think it’s probably career suicide for any professional, regardless of their colour, because, let’s face it, Capetonians hate to work. The mere thought of it makes them hysterical. The last thing they want is a bunch of young, upwardly mobile black diamonds arriving early, staying late and making cash!

Anyway, let’s see what happens on the show. It’s at 07h50 tomorrow morning.