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Having 4 (ish) animals of the non human, non toilet using kind in a small house means there needs to be a dealing-with-poo plan. Our dogs have gotten better now that they are grown, and mostly poo in the park, although they do occasionally poo in the courtyard or the tiny patch of lawn in front. We generally flush those poos. I know it’s not the most water efficient, but it certainly beats throwing poo filled plastic bags into the garbage. The problem with poos being outside for any, even the shortest, period of time is that they attract flies. I have witnessed flies arrive and land on the beginning of a poo before it has even completely exited the bum of the animal.

Chassie (cat) used to poo in our neighbour’s patch of ungardened front. It was a bit embarrassing, but we didn’t love them, and secretly derived a certain amount of neighbour-pervert-pleasure in it. The neighbours have since moved on; we like the new landlord even less, and apparently so does Chassie, because he has taken to nightly poos in a soil filled metal bucket that used to have a plant in it, in the courtyard. Cat poo is pretty gross because it has a radical and overpowering smell, so I have been finding them asap and flushing them too. But, yesterday I noticed a big, green praying mantis sitting on the poo, and I left it for a while, before going to fetch it for flushing. Today the praying mantis was there again, same girl, munching contentedly on the head of a still alive fly.

I hate flies with an unnatural vigour. I don’t get the pros of flies. I was delighted with this genius piece of insect murder in my back yard. I blocked my nose and watered the plants. I left the poo. I tried to communicate telepathically with the praying mantis, asking her to invite her other friends, and letting her know that I would protect her, and them, if they dealt with the flies. I’ll go outside now and see what’s happening, but in the meantime I am marveling at the random magnificence of the natural world and that even the tiniest of wars are fought, won and lost in our back courtyards.



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  1. this may be one of the funnest blogs i have read this year…

  2. Lisa

    The lesser-known cult of of the Praying Mantis, now in a Woodstock garden near you. Praise to the quivery green beast!

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