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Safe wings for Natalie and Shirley

My friend Shirley and her daughter Natalie leave today for Boston. After two grueling days of travel they will fall into the amazing arms of the USA Circle of Love that has sprung up to hold, help and care for them. The team at Boston’s Mass. Gen will get to know Natalie and they will design special Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) for her before the two operations that she will have. Post operations she will have some recovery time before another dose of PBT to zap the last bits of Chordoma. Shirley and Natalie will be gone for some time, but they take with them the unbelievably powerful love, support, wishes, drives, and complete commitment of their family, friends, colleagues, schools; everyone who has been amazing on hearing the hard news of Natalie’s illness.

You can follow their story on Natalie’s Circle of Love blog or leave a message for them. I’ll also do my best to give you the latest. We are still fund raising (you can imagine how expensive all of this is) and people are thinking of amazing ways to help raise money and awareness. I want to make a special thank you to my meganshead readers for kickstarting the whole drive.


Theatre (in the District)


Theatre Theatre


  1. Simon Cooper

    Go Nats go !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Darling Megan and all the uber cool Megan’s Head Readers! Natalie and I are safely in Boston not least of all thanks to the enormous generosity of SImon Cooper and all who took up his challenge through this forum.

    Huge love and thanks


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