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Simon Says

I think it is always good to have a different perspective. Simon and I have hardly agreed on anything this festival. Check out his latest.

[01] Catch with Shirley Kirchmann. A welcome return to the Grahamstown stage of a festival stalwart after a few years absence. Half stand-up, half performance comedy, Shirley gets the laughs as she deals with what it is like to be 32 and single, and looking for a date.   Certainly she seemed to strike a note with a lot of the audience at Tuesday’s show with the added gift from the comedy gods of a lady who is now married to the “ex-best friend” of someone she met on the Internet. 7.5/10

[02] Mafeking Road with Andrew Laubser and Matt Lewis, directed by Tara Louise Notcutt. Bosman as you have not seen it before. 4 of Bosman’s better known stories told, no portrayed, in a completely new and fresh way by two performers who don’t miss a beat. Fast paced, very funny, bloody clever and definitely entertaining. Deserves the Ovation award it was given early in the Festival. If you can a ticket, go see it. 9.5/10

[03] The History Boys  with a cast of [?] 11. Graham Hopkins, Clyde Berning and Michael Richard stand out. Riveting for the full 2 and one half hours.   No one stirred.   A must on the Main.   8/10

[04] Benchmarks. After 10 minutes I was close to leaving – enough already of masks and no words. I stayed and this little story with big issues wormed and twisted its way into my head. It is not always easy to understand and there is no real effort to explain clearly what some of the relationships between the characters are. For example, is the old lady with a picture of Zane Henry on the wall, the mother of the guy from Home Affairs or is she just an actress that he has admired from afar for years? While this piece touched on issues such as xenophobia and crime, to me it was primarily a story of loneliness, human kindness, crossing divides and making friends done in Rob Murray’s somewhat unique style. Maybe, like with some of his earlier pieces, I will get a better understanding of it when I see it again.   7.5/10



New Benchmarks


Cueless again


  1. Zane

    Wait. What? A picture of Zane Henry on the wall?

  2. megan

    You’ll have to take it up with the man.

  3. Tara May

    9.5? Simon, I’m blushing.

    And I’m so glad you stayed until the end of Benchmarks! Would have been a tragedy to leave.

  4. Simon Cooper

    Zane – very simple. The character is an old actress and on her wall she has a picture of herself as a young woman and, I take it, her husband. Quite a good looking guy – mmmmm reminds of someone I know !!!

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