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Snoek Braai 2

So, of all the posts I have ever written, the one that got the most attention EVER was the one about the snoek braai! I feel obliged to give my recipe.

Snoek Braai Recipe

I take the whole Snoek (which has already been gutted) and I lop off the head and tail. If it’s a big one I’ll halve it. Then I make a thickish sauce of apricot jam, soya sauce, chillie flakes, fresh crushed garlic, and lemon juice. I coat the snoek with it and fling it on the hot coals in one of those braai grills that is flippable. The sauce helps the skin side go crispy and the flesh side go sticky. Don’t forget to wrap sweet potatoes and potatoes in tin foil and gooi them on the coals before you do the fish.

I like it when the Snoek is well done and dark on the outside. Serve with the potatoes and lots of butter. Yum. I get hungry just thinking about it.


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