We were a little bit crippled yesterday when we got together for a bit of a debriefing after Saturday’s mammoth 15 hour improv extravaganza, our second annual Soap-A-Thon. We chatted about what worked and didn’t (for us) and what we would do the same, and differently, next time around. We also had a big, fat mutual back slapping session where we told each other how brilliant we were. And we were. No doubts. We had great fun, extraordinary challenges, huge success as we worked as a giant team, brilliant support from our techies (students from the Waterfront Theatre School) and great surprises in both storyline and characters that appeared, almost beyond our control. That is how it felt for us.

But we want feedback. We want to hear from you. What was it like? What did you love? What would you do differently? Who did you love? How did you feel about the style? Drop us a line. Leave a comment. Post on Facebook.