I have arrived in Gtown, well Bushman’s, with wine, friends and talking.

Here is Simon’s latest… love it

I hereby declare July 02 as “IRIS BRUNETTE” day.    Sorry but nothing else matters today.   There were only 5 performances [the last one at 18h30 today] – the Festival programme got dates wrong but that didn’t matter ….. all 5 were sold out.   OK they only sell 20 tickets a day.   Yes that’s right the audience is limited to 20 … no more.    They all play a part – I was the cartographer – stop ! this is not audience participation a la Raiders; you are not dragged on stage to play a drunken giraffe.   Rather your answers guide the performance [a little, I suspect].   The actress [who is also the writer and the director], Melanie Wilson, moves quietly in pitch darkness around a dark, surreal and apocalyptic stage, lighting relieves the darkness as she speaks softly and seductively, almost calmly.   The soundtrack, no soundscape [thank you, The Guardian for that word] crashes and rolls around you in darkness and in light.    It is the story of being alone, of finding some kind of human contact in chaos which unfolds and by the end of it you are left lightened, enlightened, enthralled.

This is the best piece of theatre, the most unusual, innovative piece of theatre, I have seen for a long time.   I don’t know if it is going anywhere else – if it does, trample on your own family to get a ticket. 12/10

I can’t write about the other shows I saw today – I will catch up tomorrow.