So, in spite of a full house of delightful British teenage (mostly) girls, last night’s Theatresports show was a bit pooh. Actually, I was a bit pooh. And sometimes it’s like that. But I’m excited (I can’t believe I’m saying it) because Theatresports will be going to G’town again this year, and I’ll be going with (please don’t say I said never again after the last time) and hopefully we’ll be going with my brilliant new idea called Short Cuts; a live review show where we will crit shows on the fringe festival, do live interviews of actors and directors and dish the dirt on the whose who in the zoo. I think it’s genius. And I’ll blog my head off from there too. We’re also discussing taking ‘Songs of Hangings and Redemptions’, which is great for festivals. I can’t believe I’m doing this again!