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Standard Bank Hell continued

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I have just been online and had a look at my brand new Standard Bank account that I was forced to open so they could pay me back the R7213.77 they stole from me and they have invented the arbitrary number of R2000 and put it into this new account. I kid you not. Please join me on Twitter (@meganshead) to RT the shit out of this crooked, vile, idiotic company. Standard Blank take things to new lows.


A Timeline of Standard Bank Hell


The Age of Outcry


  1. eddie

    Take them to the small claims court!!!

  2. Standard Bank – South Africa VS me update. Spent 12 minutes on hold because customers cannot get branch telephone numbers. Went into branch. Waited 20 minutes for the consultant. She threatened that she wouldn’t help me unless I stopped screaming, pacing and swearing. My home loan account has been hacked and the R2000 in my brand new, forced to open account is mine, transferred, not by me, from my home loan; a process I don’t even know how to do. No sign of the R7213.77 they stole. No word on Twitter. No response from anybody. I was reduced to tears. Even that didn’t help. Standard bank R7213.77 me 0.

  3. Jennifer

    “Off to face to face with @StandardBankZA one week after they took my money and closed my account. Now coerced into opening new one.”

    Wow. Way to sell out. You’re either really stupid or just really false.

    Or both.

  4. Hey Jennifer, I thought I would approve your comment just so I could find out what you intended with your hate mail, although I find it a really funny way to engage. Must be I am stupid, or just really false. Let me know what your problem is.

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