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Still Life Moving Life

Sue MacLaine was totally fabulous last night in her piece Still Life, where we the audience were expected to draw her as she spoke and posed and kept silent and whispered wonderful things and explored an emotional range of being totally present that was huge and special and, most importantly, unusual. It is really exciting to have these original experiences available in Cape Town, South Africa. If you don’t have a ticket for tonight’s performance you should totally see if you can still get one here

I am suddenly less busy, with time on my hands and a whole bunch of stuff to do. One of them is a chance to improvise again, and I’ll be doing that tonight, at The Galloway at 8pm. I am properly excited to jump in. I love making stuff up, and it helps my brain be creative.

Another thing I am toying with is serialising my (yet unpublished) novel, Green Margie and the Starlight, and putting it up here, on meganshead. I am keen(ish) to try and do NaNoWriMo again this year, but I have this nagging feeling that I should do something with my already written novel first. Do you think it is a good idea? Let me know. Leave a comment.



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  1. Megs, firstly i LOVE how much you gush about shows you love [especially when some people are always on about you in terms of how you treat shows you don’t love – but i find you consistent and that is great because it really helps the reader know exactly how you stand with regards to shows you watch]

    and secondly i LOVED reading your novel and you should work more on the publishing of it than the giving of it away on your blog… seriously, self-publish if necessary but get that suckah out – it is that good!

    that is all. see you tonite!

  2. Heather Harris

    Please publish your book- talk to Bridget Impey at Jacana.

  3. Write another one.
    Don’t serialise it on your blog.
    Edit the first one (separate thing and doesn’t have to happen before writing another… writing another may help you fine tune how you edit the first)
    Self-publish with Amazon.
    Market the shit out of it.

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