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It must be astrological. It’s approaching my birthday and we must have entered Mars or something; but I am in fight mode. And the world is feeling a little hostile right now. Listen to the latest thing that has made me completely lose it.

Yesterday afternoon we met at The Intimate for TheatreSports class before our show. We were having a small shoot for an on-line arts program. Imagine my surprise when I went to turn on the lights and found this note sitting on the still switched on (from Saturday night) lighting board. "Please do not change our lights AGAIN. We will lodge a complaint." No kidding. Now anyone who has ever used a lighting board will know that you can program your lighting sequences into the board or you can do them manually, which is what we do every Monday night. You can’t just not use the board. Naturally, I left a long and involved note back and it wasn’t gentle and friendly.

Then I stuck my head backstage, behind the flats (the moveable theatre walls) and I couldn’t believe what a total pig sty it was; filthy, dangerous and totally disrespectful.DSC00523

Then, when we were sitting around and choosing which games to put in the box for the night’s performance, one of the flats fell down, on my and Tandi’s heads. I’m not joking. The thing keeled over and fell towards us, giving Tandi a bump and making me literally see stars. Now, flats need weights to hold them down. This one had no weight. It just had a fluffy pink cell phone pillow tied to it.

Naturally, I went hysterical all over again. I phoned the number on the poster of the show that is currently on. An answering machine with a cell phone number. I phoned the cell phone number. I got through to the PR and publicity guy. He spent a long time telling me what it was that I needed to understand. I wasn’t getting it. I still don’t. (I woke up this morning thinking, that show has publicity? But that’s a totally separate matter!)

The bottom line is that if you share a venue you really need to respect that other people are using it; like we always do. We tidy up, put things back, clean out, switch off. So now somebody is going to lodge a complaint. And it’s going to be me.

PS. I do think it’s quite funny that the PR and publicity guy didn’t even manage to get the show onto The Intimate Theatre web site, which still has February listings. Great PR for that show, um, whatsitcalled?


Weird week


Our mountain on fire


  1. The Saint

    I am returning to my bomb shelter and I will keep quiet this week.

  2. I’m joining the Saint with a bottle of WeepSki and or’d’oeuvres, a copy of Martin Wainwright “Morris Minor” – celebrating 60 years of the ‘Moggy’ car. I’ll be doing my best to avoid the gang of misfits in Newlands.

  3. Aidan Harper

    Please remove this post re the Kombuis Traffic as it is vindictive and not necessary: Megan… To set the record straight… I told you over the phone when you called and shouted at me that I was just the PR company. if you had just listened and also read the contract RE hire of theatre, NO ONE but the contractee (in this case Kombuis Traffic who had the theatre for 3 weeks) was allowed to tamper with another person’s set up. In all it wasnt the problem of using the lights, but the way Theatre Sports personell had unplugged and re-plugged in lights to different channels… its no wonder that their lighting person was upset. Marco agrees with me on this as you guys also left the desk live and had ynpluged the UPS.

    Furthermore…. you said that a flat fell on your head… why were you moving or touching them in the first place. RE the props, paint etc behind the flats… You were not meant to be behind them anyway and as the opening night was on a tuesday, theyt had still work to do, left the paint etc there till they arrived on the tues morn. Your stage was clean… Benita swept it herself. The tuesday after, the foyer and stage was in such a mess from the Theatre Sports crew that WE had to tidy up after you.

    This is my final word on this as mud slinging matches are beneath me. If you really want to take this further, then book and appointment to see me and we can see if we can help you. Other than this, any more posts and/or blogs relating to this will give give me no choice but to take legal action.

    Aidan Harper

  4. megan

    Dear Aidan Harper
    Sometimes it’s all too much for a girl to take. You think this is bad publicity and insist I remove this post? I don’t even mention the name of the show. You do! I am almost too irritated with you to reply, but since you are so far off the mark I guess I’ll help you in ‘setting the record straight’.
    1. Aidan, when I spoke to Chris Weare who is in charge of the Intimate Theatre he explained more than once that you!!! had signed the contract, which made you!!! responsible.
    2. You obviously have no idea how the lights work (which we have already established). Not ever in all our time at The Intimate have we ever unplugged lights and plugged them into different channels. Ever. We use the set-up of the show that’s in there.
    3. We did not leave the lights live and we switch off all mains, as instructed to by Chris Weare. When we came to switch on lights that Monday night, everything was on, hot, live and a cloth then put directly over it causing a potential fire hazzard in a wooden building.
    4. The flat fell on our heads. We sitting on the stage undrneath it, and it was not weighted. Two of us were hit. Instead of a weight there was a fluffy pink cellphone tied to it.
    5. You can’t be serious about us not being behind the flats, but obviously you are. How embarrassing, for you. The filth and paint and rubbish was not left there from overnight, but for weeks. This was the second week of you being in the venue.
    6. I don’t expect to hear from you again, now that you have made the name of your own production gat, but the threat of legal action makes me want to put on boxing gloves. What is compensation for injury on an unsafe set? A potential fire hazzard?

  5. Alfred Rietmann

    This bothers me so! We HAVE to become more safety conscious in our performance venues. Leaving a performance space in a mess just because the show hasn’t opened is rediculous. A mess is a mess and can lead to accidents and fire.

  6. Alfred Rietmann

    Mr Harper must be careful. As a Production Manager at major Theatre Complex in Cape Town, I will certainly have reservations about what his compoany does on any of the performaing spaces that I am managing.

  7. Ryan

    Dear Megan

    Reading the response you got from mr Harper left me livid. It embarrasses me to think that there are people in this industry who will not own up to their own faults. The fact of the matter is that the stage was left in a filthy and dangerous state.

    And of course the contractee is the only one allowed to “tamper” with the set-up. That is why it is courteous to carefully strike the set if you are aware that you are sharing the venue. That is why it is the contractee’s responsibility to ensure that the lighting board is switched off and will not cause any harm to others in the theatre. That is why it is so important to secure your sets with weights so that they don’t fall on people who are sharing the space.

    I hope no legal action will come of this but if it does I hope that mr Harper knows that you have 4 witnesses who all saw the flat fall onto both you and Tandi. Witnesses who can corroborate the facts that, firstly, the flat was not held down by weights, but by a fluffy toy and, that secondly, nobody was touching the flat when it fell onto the both of you.

    I think the main point of my rant here is that in this case
    SHARING really IS caring.

    Let’s respect each other enough to know that theatre spaces are shared spaces and need to be cared for as such.

  8. megan


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