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Tackle Tales, An improvised Soap-A-Thon coming sooner than you think!

I am murderously busy at the moment. We are in final rehearsal week of our latest, sexiest Engen industrial theatre play, I am putting together another improvised corporate theatre job, teaching classes for our very successful intro to improv courses which have two sessions left, I started isiXhosa lessons with Xhosa Fundis this morning (fabulous), have two very excitable puppies AND we are gearing up for our most exciting celebration.

Tackle Tales is an improvised soap opera that runs for 12 hours. We are starting at 10am in the morning and finishing up at 10am that night. There will be 10 episodes of this made up soap, with short breaks in between for the audience to do all things necessary to sustain themselves and thus enable them to watch as many episodes as humanly possible!

The reason for doing this challenge is to raise funds for Rape Crisis and to celebrate the 20th birthday of TheatreSports in Cape Town. I think that is pretty awesome.

We have been doing extra improv workshops, chatting about characters, dreaming and scheming, learning how to ‘direct’ and how to slow things down soap style, and preparing our minds for what will certainly be a record breaking live performance in Cape Town, and probably South Africa. Does anyone know of any live performance that has gone on that long?

Tackle Tales takes place in a fictitious South African seaside village, and I am pretty sure all the shenanigans of the locals will be true to traditional soap style.

Now, we need an audience. You can come for one episode, or a few, or the whole shebang! Tickets are available on webtickets, and you’ll be able to buy at the door, at The Little Theatre on the UCT Hiddingh Campus. And, if you like, leave comments on this blog of things you’d like to see us include. There’s no guarantee, but we will definitely steal and use the really inspired (or weird) ones.


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The Soap-A-Thon


  1. Beilla Gans

    Awe inspiring. We’ve had quite a lot of heated debate about
    “legitimate rape” (!!!!!!!) and regular rape. I’m not kidding.
    Some of the extreme right wingers here have weird ideas. Tante B USA

  2. An incredibly worthy cause – best of luck!

  3. 12 hours? Incredible, what a great cause!

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