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Tackle Tales on Saturday

There are the usual great reasons why you should come along to an episode or three of Tackle Tales, our 12 hour improvised soap opera that’s happening this Saturday from 10am to 10pm. They are; it’s for a great cause and all the ticket money will be going to Rape Crisis, it’s a great way to celebrate our 20th birthday, and we are Cape Town’s longest running live performance improv group with oodles of skill and talent and magic. Those are the usual ones.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t be able to resist! There are 8 episodes to choose from. You can sneak in at least one, even if you have the busiest day planned. Here are the starting times for each episode. 10am, 1130am, 1pm, 230pm, 4pm, 530pm, 7pm, 830pm. It’s pretty insane. Tickets cost a ridiculous R60 per episode. I repeat. R60 per episode. That’s like, um, nothing actually. Then there are the talents of pretty much our entire company, who will be on stage pretty much all of the time. That is huge I tell you. Huge. Then there is the soap thing. The intrigue. The characters. The dressing up (or down). I have been talking like my character for days. Funny thing is, it is improv and who knows what will happen on the day? Plus, as far as I know, this will be breaking a record in SA. Nobody has done anything like it ever before. Yay.

This soap-a-thon is like a combination of all my childish fantasy desires rolled into one. And you can see it. All of it or just some of it. Please come and support us. I pretty much guarantee that it will be mostly amazing, in one way or another.

A reminder of the details. This Saturday 27 October. 10am to 10pm. The Little Theatre. There will be food and drink available at the venue. What’s not to love?


Wi Fi at 30000ft


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  1. Anne Murn

    All the best for your wonderful project!

    best wishes from Oz 🙂

  2. Love the picture.

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