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I love it!

I needed something to cheer me up and I got exactly what I wanted. A lekker krekker of a 2020 and the Proteas winning in the end. I love 2020. It’s short, furious, reckless, personality cricket (except for the dancing bunnies after boundaries, better than those Standard bank Kaboom girls, but still). Last night’s personalities were Aussie David Hussey, who slam dunked 88 off 44 balls and then took two wickets for 21, and Albie Morkel who did a few huge sixes for SA. It was Mark Boucher who won the game though. The old terrier hung on with his teeth and saved the night.

It was a bit scary when one of the big lights blew after the Aussies had bowled just three balls to the Proteas. I could see there was an electrical problem at the ground; the cameras had been jumping and frame flickering all night. All the stadia in SA have to be tiptop for the….IPL!!!

I can’t wait. I loved last year’s 2020 competition and this year it’s going to be played here. It is so cool. Yay.

This has at least shifted my gloom about what is happening here politically. I had one of those Oprah lightbulb moments yesterday. I realised (probably years after everybody else) that zoom zoom Zuma is not going to go to court. I realised that something somewhere was going to change to make that a reality regardless of the law of the land or the constitution or the NPA or anything. I guess I always knew that. But it’s the fact that people are literally ok to put a crook into the seat of the presidency of this country that made me miserable. I mean, the reality is that we are going to have a president and we can’t believe a word he says. And he is going to be ‘chosen’ in a democratic way. People are going to vote for the guy. It’s too depressing to contemplate.

I seriously hope there is an IPL match scheduled for voting day. That’s what I’ll be watching.

Proteas are the bomb!


In this house we are properly celebrating. Big Friendly is on Cricinfo pretty much all the time now, checking stats and sharing cricket news with me, and I am gloating that on news24 the top story is the cricket and below it is the disbanding of the scorpions.

I must confess, and remember, that before they left for Oz , I had my reservations about the Proteas and how they would manage playing the world champs at home. Which is why their absolute success has delighted me no end. I am proud and happy and excited. I can’t wait for the Oz team to get here. I want to try and get to some of the test here at Sahara Park, Newlands, one of my favourihte places in the world, and Big Friendly and I have spoken about celebrating my birthday at the ODI.

I am enraptured with JP Duminy. Johan Botha filled some massive shoes really superbly when he took over the captaincy of the one day side (in fact, Big Friendly and I have discussed his brilliance at giving newcomers a go, with total support and trust) and Hashim (screamed Hasheeeeeeeem) is our guy. Oh and Albie Morkel. And AB de Villiers.  Ok, the whole team. Oh we are just so completely stoked ek se!

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