Yesterday afternoon a handful of us gathered in the rehearsal room in Woodstock to see a run through of Noah of Cape Town. Jaci had warned us earlier that the cast were nowhere near ready to be doing a run through; they had only really done detailed work on act 1 and they weren’t ready for an audience. I think she was protecting them and making sure that everybody understood how early on in the process it is. And there is no set, no costumes, no anything, except for the cast.

Needless to say, we were all totally blown away. Literally. Jaci, Amanda and the cast are doing the most amazing job. The story is being brought to life in the most conscious, creative and honest way. And as for the music, it is magnificent. Although it is quite long; almost two hours, it is absolutely riveting.

You know that thing where you are watching something completely amazing and every time anyone does something or sings or says something you think that they are your best, until the next person sings or speaks? That’s what happened to me yesterday. I fell in love with 16 people. Hopelessly, overwhelmingly in love. This cast is unbelievable.

Sometimes I wish all people could see this part of the rehearsal process. It is so raw, so alive, so electric. I was honoured and grateful and terribly emotional. But not as emotional as Simon Cooper, who was wracked with sobs at the end of the run. Oh Simon, our dreams are literally coming true. Our dreams are coming true.

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