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Fleur du Cap, fun, feast, faux pas

I’m supposed to be asleep; it’s a public holiday after all, but the Distell red has woken me I think. And my feet are a bit swollen from those damn shoes.

Last night was the Fleur du Cap awards and this year I was a proper nominee, which basically meant preparing an outfit in advance. Big Friendly chose my shoes, which looked great, gave me the extra height, but were impossible to actually live in.

As usual it was a pretty glam affair, with lots of air kissing on arrival. All the nominees I spoke to beforehand gave away their insecurities by saying how much they hated these kinds of things, but I could see their eyes sparkling.

Off we went for the ceremony and show. This year’s offering was directed by Hennie van Greunen, the director of Die Naaimasjien (winner of best new SA script and Best Actress Sandra Prinsloo), and on the whole I think he did a really nice job; it was quite short with a great opening number. I have to say though, I felt like he didn’t really know his Cape Town audience. I got the feeling that the whole thing had been put together and rehearsed up country and then shipped down for the night. Luckily, most of the presenters of the awards (actors and others) made up for it. My favourites were kept for last; Soli Philander and Helen Zille! They were brilliant, hilarious and totally entertaining. I had no idea she had it in her! (The same can’t be said for old Fiona Coyne, who did not exactly embrace the generous spirit of handing over awards!)

There were two awards that I was absolutely delighted about. Tara Louise Nottcutt’s award for Best New Director, and Angels on Horseback’s award for Best Performance in a Cabaret. And Rob Murray for Best Lighting. Naturally, I was disappointed that none of the ones I was associated with won; especially for Dicky Longhurst and Alfred Rietmann, both nominated in the same category, Best Set Design, for Noah of Cape Town and The Tent.

The big mess of the evening for me was the damn voice over announcing Noah of Cape Town in the category of Best New South African Script. It was a hellova voice over, that went on for ever, pronounced my name wrong (twice!) and then announced Jacqui Singer as the director of the show. What a disgrace! Surely not! Surely every singe piece of material had the right Jaci de Villiers down as the director! Surely. I’m still a bit bitter actually.

Soli and Helen put me back in the mood though. They rocked. Then it was back into the fray to chow and drink. I was very well behaved and didn’t overdo it for once in my life. Big Friendly was so excited by the dessert tables he got stage fright! At a totally respectable 10.30pm we (I) hobbled up those endless stairs, thinking of everything I need to do this year to make sure I get to go to next year’s one!

Angels on horseback; a very lekker ride

It was the rather glam opening of Angels on Horseback at On Broadway last night and I took my friend Frob, who is shooting a movie in Slaap Stad, with. And a jolly good, thigh slapping, yeehaing, toe tapping time was had by all.

I first saw (and wrote about) Angels on Horseback way back in 2007, and the show has come a long way since then. In fact, other than the same team (except for Bood) it is hardly recognisable as the same show. This version is slicker, funnier, prettier, tighter and there’s more of it too.

So what is this show Angels on Horseback? It’s Candice D’Arcy and Fiona du Plooy singing, dancing and even baking and horse riding,  backed up by Jamie Jupiter and Gene Kierman on many various guitars, drums, a small tuba thing, and even voices. This is all directed and made sexy and funny by Peter Hayes.

I love the original songs. They are very, very funny and sharp and really entertaining. I love Oh Johannes, Erotic Kitchen and Doop Doop. Some of the covers are excellent choices too; my favourites being Gene’s version of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You, Don’tcha and the hilarious Texas Annie. I am still struggling with the version of The Boss’s Dancing in the Dark, but let’s face it, when it comes to Springsteen (and probably only him) I’m a bit of a purist. Nothing will get Candice’s headpiece out of my mind. You gotta see it to believe it!

This show has got a lot going for it. It is proper, genuine entertainment. Because both lurvely ladies are primarily actors, their skill is in delivering a performance, making the songs into little scenes, which for the most part are hilarious. I think the more serious stuff is not as successful; but there’s not too much of that. It’s the pony riding, real rhyming, square (ish) dancing stuff that I lurve. 4907_Girls loo web

Jamie and Gene have come a long way since I first saw them. They have made that difficult transition from pure musician to entertaining performer and they are both totally engaging, funny and delightful, as well as being the great musos they are.

This show hits the scene at a great time. I was feeling a bit starved for good entertainment, and here it is, like Ryk Neethling, on a silver tray. This original show is a blues chaser. It’s feel good. It’s good mood. And it’s well done. It’s not another tribute show (thank the gods). And it’s cheap! Tickets are R85 per person, and there are two halves. Put yr cowboy boots on and dig out your stetsons and make sure you see this one. The run is until 21 March.

Cool offer for Cowboys and girls

So, almost two years ago I saw Angels on Horseback, a cheeky and hilarious romp through some great original country songs with some very funny and even rude lyrics, fronted by Candice D’Arcy and Fiona du Plooy. Now they are doing a brand new version of this cool show and there is a preview on the 3rd of March and you can pick up a ticket for a lowly R50!

Oh, it helps if I tell you the where and when hey? Angels on Horseback is at On Broadway and runs ’til the 21 March. Yee ha!

Angels poster09web

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