We came back from walking the dogs and Big Friendly noticed that our chair had been stolen from our front stoep. We have been so lucky, that only a hosepipe has been stolen before. I think it’s because we have an open door policy and our dogs are always around. It was obviously an opportunistic petty crime. So, when Big friendly said, “should I drive around the block?” I said yes.

While he was gone I couldn’t believe that I had let him go. He was gone for a little while and I started getting anxious. How stupid was the whole thing? Imagine my surprise when he drove up to the house with the damn thing in the back of his bakkie.

My Super Big Friendly had driven around the ‘hood and then gone to the ‘second hand’ shops in Lower Main Road. In the second one he found our chair. Giving the shop owner the option of handing it back or calling the police, the guy let him take the chair. He had just paid R40 for it.