I really, really, really wanted this one to happen without me writing a post. I have signed the petitions, joined the facebook groups, Avaaz, Care 2, you name it. I share the sentiment of every shocked and concerned liberal with enough education to revere the Dalai Lama. So there’s nothing new there. But hau bo! ANC, nou maak jy my bietjie heeltemal mal!

Poor ole Barbara Hogan, inheritor of the biggest mess of a portfolio from Manto ‘Meshuga’ Msimang, who is actually getting down and doing a good job, has been shooshed and will probably find life a little more difficult because she didn’t toe the party line about the Dalai Lama not being granted a visa. Shame. It’s kak to have an opinion and then express it hey Barbs? Seems you forgot that the ANC has only one way of thinking and everyone in the party agrees. Eish.

Bob Maniac Mugabe pops in and out of SA like a weasel, crooks buy luxury beachfront houses to hide in and spend their loot, despots, crackpots, and the politically cooked are all entertained in the Tuinhuis. But the Dalai Lama can’t come because he will detract from the 2010 soccer world cup. I can’t even think of one more clever thing to say. I am totally floored.