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Telling the time by the passing of animals

When I met Big Friendly for the second date, Gally, my gorgeous white Taiwanese refugee dog, put her paw firmly on his bejeaned leg and chose him for her own. In time Big Friendly was claimed by Pablo, my ancient cat, who demanded that he pour fresh water into his bowl and take him to drink, and Bayla, the oldest Taiwanese refugee dog, and my first heart dog. When I fell in love with Big Friendly it was partly because of and through my animals.

When Bayla died I was in Grahamstown, and it was Big friendly who had to witness and manage her passing. With Gally we were both there. We are still scarred and raw from the death of Annie, Chassie’s sister and most unusual beloved cat, who was run over in the road outside our house on the one occasion she ventured over the wall. That was about seven years ago.

We know dog walkers from Gally and Bayla’s time, who too have different animals attached to them. Our Linus and Frieda, well known in the neighbourhood and on Facebum as our most beloved pups, will soon be five.

Our nephews’ lives are marked in animal time too, with those that were there when they were born, now gone or leaving, and new ones coming into their lives to mark their transition into puberty and teenage-dom.

Megan’s Head, this blog, is like the historical record of these things, and if that is the only reason to keep it going it is a good one. Frieda’s delicious face stares back at us whenever we open it up.

If you are an animal person you will know how to tell the time with the passing of animals.

Blessings from Bayla

My most precious dog Bayla is dead. At the end of 1999 Nicholas Ashby brought this scruffy, terrified, strangely odd dog to my house to be mine. We have spent the last almost 12 years together, and pretty much anyone who knows me knew her. She was the dog who grew me up. She was the first dog I had as an adult. She showed me how to look after, love, and be with dogs. And people. She and I had the most complicated, extraordinary yet fulfilling relationship and I cannot imagine my life without her.

Big Friendly and I have had a shit time of it. In May our heartcat Anni was run over. Now Bayla is gone. Our animals have halved in number and our hearts are very sore.

But, I rejoice in memories of Bayla. I loved her deeply and we had the best time of our lives together. I am sitting here in the Spur in G’town bawling my bladdy eyes out. When I left Cape Town I pretty much knew I wasn’t going to see her again, and my heart is held in the strong love hands of Big Friendly who had to do the unthinkable.

She was always difficult to photograph. She was camera shy and she was so black. But here is a good one I took a couple of months ago.

Small Furries

Every now and then there is an amazing animal moment in our house. We have just had one. I ‘needed’ mash for supper tonight and Big Friendly obliged. He is one good mash maker. Mash done and had, there was still some left in the bowl so I took two glomps in each hand to give to the dogs. The cats heard the action and came running! Then began the ritual of dogs first, then cats, eating mash off my fingers. Annie’s back paws were on the dining room table and her front paws were stretched out on the chair back, Chassie was between my legs and Bayla and Gally stood lined up for their turn. It was a hilarious, ‘please can I have some more’ performed by dogs and cats. Love it.

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