I am slightly addicted to Boer Soek ‘n Vrou. I am addicted in that ‘I hope I don’t miss an episode’ kind of way; although I often do miss one, and then I have no idea what’s going on. I am addicted even though I squirm every time I watch it. Really squirm.

Looking for love, on TV, in Afrikaans, in a competition, with farmers, in a second season of the show, only makes for the worst in self-conscious TV. Eek. The girls are either unbearably polite and self-effacing, being jolly and best pals with each other, or else vicious and catty beyond endurance. The farmers are a bunch of strange misfits, with awkward habits and quirks, but mostly with the supreme cowardice that prevents them from making a choice, speaking their minds or being true to themselves. Agony.

And in this season the farmers are prone to breaking the rules! Two of them seem to have found meisies outside of the confines of the show. First the freaky old guy, who looked like he wouldn’t get it together with anyone, found a cherie in a Musica, and invited her to join the …party. The two other official dames fled the scene and a whole farmer was lost from the competition. Then, in the latest episode, where the farmer had to start choosing from the two remaining girls, one of the other farmers confessed he had met a stukkie outside the show who he felt he would like to get to know better first! Sies! Those poor girlies on his farm didn’t stand a chance! Not that it would have made a speck of difference. Nobody can be real in this show. And everyone seems to be prickling with constant embarrassment. You would think that the boere and the chicks would have known what to expect, but niks. And really, there is hardly any footage of anyone doing anything besides eating, driving (boats or tractors or horses) or …sitting around. Dull as dishwater. So why am I watching?