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Lovely, light, laughing improv

Every now and then I end up being in an improv show that is so feel-good, so filled with inspiration, laughter, creativity and team spirit and just joyous. Last night’s TheatreSports show was that. And when it happens every single thing falls into place and my little universe’s balance gets restored.

To be honest, we have been struggling a little these last few weeks. Our group is very small at the moment, where improv has had to take a back seat for some who are busy with other stuff. We have also been struggling these last two weeks for audiences. We know this happens in waves, and on balance it is nothing short of miraculous that we have been able to sustain weekly (and more importantly) bi-weekly performances for almost twenty years. But traditionally, September and October are hard for us audience wise, and this year is no exception. Also, because our group is small we have a heavy workload to share. The usual.

So, when a show is delicious, it is made even more delicious by how it transcends our circumstances. In last night’s show we did an Ode to Grozevo (a made up country) where it is cold, and steaming, and rats are everywhere. My favourite scene was when I was the cockroach of peace in a Buddhist retreat. I loved watching the other team’s Voices From The Grave where they all died at a Toys R Us, Candice’s Johnny Clegg “take that!” stole the show, and my own personal highlight was a wombat slasher road movie. But there was even more, and we had great, fabulous fun and so did our audience.

When this happens we are spurred on, and encouraged and further inspired. Next week, to celebrate Heritage Day on Monday, we are going to have a braai before the show, so come early, and the show itself will be a take on the Sink or Swim format, called Braai or Burn! We hope to do something as fun and silly at The Kalk Bay Theatre on Tuesday, so watch this space (or our other spaces on @TheatresportsSA on twitter, and Improguise on Facebook).

Braaiing in the rain

Cousin Alan has been in town and we promised him our famous Snoek braai but only managed to get it together yesterday; cousin Alan is leaving today. Of course, big Friendly and I are not allowed to even say the B(raai) word, because every time we suggest it the Cape wind picks up and it becomes impossible to execute. Yesterday it went a step further, and it literally bucketed down. But we were onward and forward regardless, and the results were wolfed down with glee. But here is Big Friendly doing a McGyver with braai and brolly. DSCF1324


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