We jumped into my gorgeous friend’s  car yesterday (me, her, her mom and the little cutest person) and went off to Moreson wine farm in Franschoek for lunch. I definitely don’t do this often enough, but after yesterday I am going to make more of an effort. What a brilliant way to spend the day. Hanging out in the magnificent Cape countryside fills me with love.

The food at Bread and Wine did make me think of all the reality cooking TV shows I watch though. There was a puree smeared artistically on the plate. There were four vegetable squares standing in soldier-like formation. There was a tiny tower of food, all very artistically arranged. Yes, it tasted absolutely delicious, but it was food from another realm. Very, terribly stylish indeed.

After a trio of wine tasting portions I was full, and woozy enough to have a strong coffee. The cutest small person and I dipped sticks and toes in the little stream and ran around before hopping back into the car to come home. Ah.