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All My Sons on Broadway

Watching a play on Broadway for this South African meisie is always an other worldly experience.

Picture this. A completely full, huge theatre where tickets are sold at an absolute premium. A show that has been running for months. A classic. Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, starring Annette Bening and Tracy Letts. A full, three act play. With a full, proper cast.

The set. A sepia storm on a front screen sets the just-post war tone. A garden. A double story house. Lawn. Trees. A view of the neighbours’ houses. Huge. Magnificent. Detailed. Wisteria on the little gazebo. The set at an angle. Feeling the whole suburb. This dominant house. This house we can see into.

The cast. Aside from the fact that Annette Bening, Tracy Letts and Benjamin Walker are huge. Huge. These actors WERE NOT MIC’ed. These actors projected. These actors. These actors who were allowed to pause for almost a minute because they had earned it. And they had.

The focus, commitment, style, direction, the detail the pace, the choices, the decisions. The time. Almost 2.5 hours of theatre.

The text. Arthur Miller’s text is exquisite. And American. It is hard work. And agonising. Our world has minimised these ethical, moral struggles about conscience, and business and corruption and war. Our world on social media and our unaccountable, corrupt leaders are taking us back to a pre-war place. I was frightened.

This Tony nominated production is glorious. Important. Proper. And I am so privileged to have seen it.

Other Desert Cities

I really didn’t ever think that I would be blogging about a Broadway show here, on meganshead, but last night I went to see Other Desert Cities, right here at The Booth Theatre in New York, and I can’t help myself. What an unbelievable experience.

Picture this. A theatre not much bigger than Theatre On The Bay. Every single seat full. Our 50% discounted tickets were $66 each. A play that includes Stockard Channing, Stacy Keach and Judith Light in the cast. Judith had won her Tony for this role the night before. Yes. That kind of play.

Other Desert Cities is a family drama, with fraught, complicated relationships, politics, secrets and twists. It is moving, shocking, hilarious, complicated and totally engaging. But, most importantly, it is brilliantly done. Brilliant performers. Brilliant script. Brilliant set and lighting. Brilliant direction.

This is the kind of theatre that makes you need to see a play at least three times a week. It is the kind of theatre that makes you love theatre. It is what theatre can, and should, be.

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