I have finally realised that if I want to be in a foul mood all week, then all I have to do is read the long, completely bullshit, shockingly spelled, grammatically retarded, sad, humourless and garbled vitriol that are the comments left by online readers.

I enjoy reading Chris McEvoy and Marianne Thamm a lot. Their columns appear regularly on News 24, and Chris’s writing is acerbic, often self-deprecating, topical and very funny. Marianne is plain very, very clever and totally hilarious. Both of them are not afraid to use a most misunderstood tool; irony. Unfortunately, this is just too hard for online readers to recognise. They don’t get that these articles are not news but opinions. They don’t get the jokes. They don’t get the point. It makes me totally hysterical.

Yesterday I read Chris’s new article on Big Friendly’s recommendation. He also told me to look at the comments. I promise you; it was a very bad idea. Nobody understands what columnists are actually doing when they write. I can’t even get specific. Literally every comment told Chris what an arsehole he was and how the ANC was dragging the country to hell.

One of the other favourites of comment leavers is to rage bitterly against limp, left wingers; you know, them being such strong…er…conservatives? Moral high grounders? Racists?

Update: Chris’s article that caused the comments that caused the moan here