All of a sudden the reality has hit. We are opening a show the week after next. Good Will Acting at The Kalk Bay Theatre. Official opening the 4th of December with two low price previews on the 2nd and 3rd. OMG!

There is no doubt that I am a leetle (a lot actually) hysterical. But I’m also very excited. I am working with a super talented cast, and even though we really, really have very little time, I think we can do it.

The whole process has been very special. No budget. No script. No time. Yet, this group has talent, commitment, enthusiasm and creativity. Every day I am completely panicked and paranoid before I meet the cast, and then I leave rehearsals completely inspired (and hysterical, but mostly, inspired).

Today I meet Helen Cooper, who is helping us with design, costumes, props and look and feel. The fabulous Christine Skinner is already publicising Good Will Acting up a storm. ADT have bought a slot of Shameless Product Placement and we are going to advertise them nightly in the show. It’s all happening!!!