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Shameless Product Placement

Here is a copy of a press release I am busy putting out.

Shameless Product Placement opportunity In Good Will Acting

Good Will Acting is a Christmas show being put on at The Kalk Bay Theatre from the 4th to the 31 December, running from Wednesdays to Saturdays (not including Christmas day). It stars Anele Situlweni, Daneel van der Walt, Larissa Hughes and Ntombi Makhutshi and is directed by Megan Choritz, with lots of advice, help and instruction from Helen Cooper.

The story of how Good Will Acting came about is amazing. A group of actors were contracted to perform an industrial theatre road show and they fell in love with each other (and their director). The director (me, Megan Choritz) made the cast an offer they couldn’t refuse; the chance to workshop, create and perform in a Christmas show, with no budget, no script, no venue, no set or costumes, only good ideas and plenty of enthusiasm. Four out of the five cast members agreed! (The fifth had other gigs and paying performances, we were told.)

Suddenly, the universe provided and a previously booked slot at The Kalk Bay Theatre became available. What had been a whimsical fantasy became a bold and terrifying reality.

We are on page 9 of writing the script. It is hilarious. It is going to be an Activity play, because Ras the Rasta says Nativity is too negative. Libertina X doesn’t give a shit what it’s called as long as her honours in theatre making skills are shown off in such a way that it guarantees proper theatre work soon. Tabatha is fully alive to the process of acting; LRA, Listen, Respond, Act, and Marlene just wants to do anything that will help her not go and waitress at the Apache Spur in Strand Street. The choreography, songs and most of the story of the birth of Christ will be borrowed from other productions and stolen from other creative sources.

As much of the industrial theatre set and props as is possible will be re-purposed for Good Will Acting but we do need some money, to maybe make a poster and flyers, or to cover transport costs and things. Which is where you come into the picture. We are offering Shameless Product Placement in the show, regardless of the product, its uses or its target market. Let Good Will Acting advertise for you, whoever you are. Do you want to sell hand-made Christmas gifts? Are you the marketing manager for Red Bull? Does Vodacom need a bit of a plug? We are literally selling four Shameless Product Placement slots in the show. Your product or service will be mentioned every night for the duration of the run for the ridiculous price of R1000. *Special discounts will be given for products that are red, white, and/or blue (blue is the new green this Christmas, because those are the corporate colours from the Industrial theatre job).

We’d love to include you in Good Will Acting. And you can help us make it happen. Call, sms, facebook, email or even twitter me. Or leave a message for me here on megan’s head. *I forgot to mention that small donations for mentions on our (still imaginary) programme will be gratefully received.

Songs (and stories) of Joy

We got together today to carry on with the creation of our end of year Christmas show. There is no doubt about it happening since Simon from The Kalk Bay Theatre announced it to the opening night audience of I, Claudia on Wednesday night!

So we met this morning. What delight. What silly, delicious, hilarious, spontaneous joy. During the week, while I was away from the cast, I had moments of panic and doubt. What were we actually going to do? How were we going to turn this whimsical fantasy into a flesh and bones production, with a story, characters, plot, songs, action, a set? What were we thinking?

Before you could say brainstorm the crazy ideas were flowing. The jokes, the moments, the songs, the possibilities, the characters; we threw them into the pot and started mixing. We laughed our heads off. We tossed things backwards and forwards, and after three hours we left with a really not half-bad structure.

I’m not going to give any clues away other than saying that it is totally ‘season appropriate’, and we are calling it Good Will Acting. I am going to say that I think it is going to be high larious (thanks Claudia), and heartwarming, and fun. Watch this space. And then come and watch it.

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