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A Cold

There is nothing that makes me feel as wintery as a common cold. It starts with the loud sneezing and nose running, then goes to the head, with a feverish ache. You can’t taste anything, but feel hungry and sorry for yourself all the time.

I think I caught this cold on set. It was bound to happen; I stood in open toed sandals on a rain soaked lawn at 9pm getting into and out of a car over and over again. And it was freezing.

I also think I got this cold to put me in my place. I was feeling invincible and immune, and I kept boasting that I hadn’t been sick since becoming a vegan. Then, next thing, I was finishing the at least a year old tissues, and making ginger tea and marmite toast.

I also got a cold because I am going away this weekend and I really don’t want to be sick. I am doing as little as possible, and hoping it will leave me fast.

So, I am watching the cricket and playing online Scrabble and hoping the sniffs and coughs will be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow.

A cold!

I have a cold! I feel so sorry for myself. It’s pathetic. I have a runny nosy, streaming eyes, sore throat. I am being the biggest baby. Obviously my resistance is a bit low and the moment my most immediate stresses were over I collapsed in a snivel. I just can’t believe how miserable a simple cold can make you feel.

Not the most romantic way to spend our 5th wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow! Poor Big Friendly! Husband, dog walker, nurse to a grumbling snot pile.


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