five What could be better than spending New Year’s day afternoon on the trailer park rooftop garden of The Grand Daddy in Long Street?

We were packed on top of the roof to watch and listen to the funky sounds of lone man Dave as he looped his beats, breathed living soul into his suitcase of harmonicas and rasped over the mic. Sexy, sultry and very hillbilly chic. I love Dave. He just gets better and better, and even though he said it had been a long night and day (he had performed two sets at the New Year’s trance party yesterday morning) he got up in front of us and blew us away. White Girl is my favourite.

dave-ferguson The rooftop gig seems to be a regular Friday arvie thing. Get there early and grab a spot. We were too late for a really good spot so we had to squat on somebody’s trailer’s stoep. They were very nice about it. The gig is free, but the costs are made up for it in the drinks! I did have a really delicious chili popper on a stick though. The weather was perfect up there and it was a big, fat jaul. See you there next Friday for an early afternoon sundowner?