It’s been a crazy week, and I don’t have that comforting feeling that it’s the weekend and I can kick back and relax. I think it is pretty much going to get more hectic, right up until I leave for Grahamstown. No, it will be hectic then too. Ok, until I get back from G’town. No, that will bring me straight into pre-opening of Noah. Sheesh. Buckle up.

This week has been full of putting out Noah fires. Yes, even in the coldest, wettest weather. On Monday the Noah set arrived in our old venue (The Curved Space in Woodstock) and it was too big to be worked on. Simon found a new space and we moved the monster set and all the sound to Wet Pups (Western Province Preparatory School) where we are using the hall. Luckily it’s school holidays. We also realised that we needed a stage manager. Don’t ask. Well, we got one. It’s been stressful.

But yesterday afternoon we watched a run through. On the set, with the cast of magnificents. Three young ladies from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning came to watch the rehearsal and it was a delight to chat to them, hear their passion, and see how they were inspired by the work.

Our poster and programme are going to print next week. They are stunning. The show looks and sounds amazing. I can’t wait for the actual thing. I can’t wait.