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Diski updated again!

I am home in a puddle of sweat. I went to Virgin Active Wembley Square and learned to diski!! Most of the members of the packed gym were too shy to come and join in, but there were a few of us old tannies who gave it a go! It was fab. Makarapas off to Talia at the gym for getting it together and buying into the spirit of 2010 Fifa World Cup! A sexy young thing with all the moves, whistles and bouncy attitude gave instruction, and there was a proper lekker vibe. It totally got me to the gym today, and I’ll be back next Wednesday to do the header, table mountain and the laduma!

Diski update

Sometimes it works, having a big mouth and cheeky ideas. I suggested to my Virgin Active club that they should jump in with a bit of World Cup fever and get someone to give diski lessons to gym members. Lo and behold, at Hip Hop this morning the group exercise coordinator (no kidding, that’s her title) told me that she had indeed taken my idea and run with it. So, on Wednesday, at 18.15 I am going to gym to learn a few diski moves. I have to say, it’s the most impressed I’ve been with my gym, ever. That’s called listening and acting. And I think it is great that they’re buying in to the World Cup in such a simple, feel good way. Viva Virgin Active. See you for diski on Wednesday.

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