You all know how hysterical I got when my animals died, one in a tragic accident and two from old age. I am an animal person. Big Friendly has managed to stave off my countless attempts at getting ‘this dog’ or ‘that cat’ until I was back from my travels and we could offer a more stable environment, where I could invest time and energy into making a new adoption part of our home. Both Big Friendly and I are befok when it comes to animals and will do anything for them.

I have real concerns. Chassie our crazy boy cat went from being one of four to only child, and I have to make sure that any dog that comes into this environment understands that he is our little king. I believe this reflects the seriousness with which I am approaching the whole thing.

So, after a home inspection, I was turned down this morning as being unsuitable by PETS to adopt a dog because my property is too small and my courtyard unsuitable. I am in a complete froth of rage. PETS, An organisation that rescues dogs from dire situations, places them in foster homes (up to 42 of them at one property) has decided I can’t adopt a dog and should go for an adult cat instead.  Now, it’s not like I don’t share their concerns for placing animals appropriately. I do. But surely, part of the job is reading the people. Surely. PETS, I don’t understand what you are doing. I really don’t.

I will change my plan of action. I am determined to offer a rescued dog or puppy a better life. It is a no brainer. I just think that sometimes those big, animal egos get in the way of seeing real good.

Dear PETS, I do not ever want to read about how this or that poor animal was homed and then returned to you. I do not want to hear your plea for homes if you have no idea which ones are good ones. I wasn’t heard by you. You didn’t see me. You told me more about how you think animals should live than seeing how loved, pampered and well treated any animal would be in our care. You really suck. And you totally hurt my feelings.

I just want to be clear. There are many organisations out there. I am completely happy to go through a home inspection. I am happy to pay a big adoption fee. I know I can’t have the biggest dog. I know I need a dog that’s ok with cats. I’m not pissing around.

Here is a picture of the offending courtyard although why this is relevant I have no idea. I would never dream of confining a dog in it ever.